How to get less body fat over 35?

trim belly over 40?
This article was written by Jon Benson, a fitness and nutrition expert.
3 Keys To Less Bodyfat Over Age 35 – Is Father Time Really A Factor?

As you start your personal fatloss journey you may find thisarticle very helpful. It deals with a very important factor in fatloss: Age. Here’s the challenge: The older we get, the more challengingfatloss can become. There are several reasons for this — and several solutions. I used these solutions to get really lean and trim past the ageof 40… and you can too.

Speeding Up Your Metabolism
As we age our metabolic rate… the rate at which we use energyand either store it as bodyfat or use it for fuel… tends todecrease. However, unlike the bad news you may have heard in the past, ageis far from the “kiss of death” for fatloss. In fact, I have become leaner past the age of 45 than I was whenI was 25. First, a facts about metabolism and age: One of the reasons your metabolic rate declines past the age of35 is stress. The body’s organs have undergone years of stressand simply do not perform as well as they should.

Another reason: Lifestyle Think about it: What was your lifestyle like at, say, 21? I betyou had far less responsibilities on your plate. I bet you had alot more time and less to deal with in the day. This factors intothe metabolic equation.

Finally there’s what I call “The Hunter/Gatherer Factor”. When we’re younger our body’s genetic code says, “Use all thefuel you can… after all, we have to go and hunt down food!” But we do not hunt for our food any longer. Unfortunately ourgenes do not realize this and go into “no more hunting” mode. Thebody slows down and fat-burning decreases. The body assumes it nolonger needs to burn off the energy from food as rapidly. The end result: Most people get over-fat as they age. Fortunately this can be completely reversed in almost everycase.

The 3 Keys

Key 1: Eat like a hunter/gatherer. In the book you now have, “The Every Other Day Diet”, you willfind the ideal “hunter/gatherer” food plan. Some of you may wantto start on pages 62 and 63. I personally find the Extreme Planthe most effective for getting really lean (getting rid of allthat unwanted bodyfat). The reason this works so well is simple: Eating this way foolsyour body into believing it’s younger than it is. By consumingless food on specific days and more on others, you trick yourbody into increasing its metabolic rate. This can happen in aslittle as 3 weeks.

Key 2: Resistance Training For those of you who also picked up my book “7 Minute Body”, youhave the ideal lifestyle-friendly resistance plan in your hand. Resistance exercise is really the ultimate key. Studies done atMichigan State University confirmed what I’ve known for years:Resistance training, done in the gym with weights or in your homewith resistance bands and/or bodyweight exercise, literallyreverses the clock at the cellular level. Your body reverts back to its “young mode”. The food you eat isused more effectively and far less energy is stored as unwantedbodyfat. And of course you get that sleek, toned look that most of usreally want. If you did not pick this up, get it here… and I’ll still giveyou the 77% discount… <-- click for 7 Minute Body Key 3: Role Modeling In 2004 I wrote my first book, “Fit Over 40”. This book tookover a year of my life to complete. I interviewed 52 men andwomen, ages 40-80, and got them to reveal all their secrets forgetting fit and staying fit past the age of 40. Every man and woman profiled is a living, breathing role modelfor you if you are 35 or older. You simply cannot believe whatyou can do until you see it for yourself. This is what I call “role modeling” — taking the success othershave had and using it as a stepping stone. Why re-invent the wheel? Why not see what real people, just likeyou and me, have done with their bodies? Talk about motivation! I literally have a copy of the book on my computer and look atit all the time, especially when I’m not feeling really motivatedto workout… or when I use the excuse, “Well, I’m just gettingolder I guess.” Bull! They really set me straight… and I know this book willserve you well as you go about getting leaner as you age. You can read more about it here: <-- read.more Wait until you see the pictures of these men and women. You will never question what can be done at ANY age, ever again. Until next time, remember: Boosting your metabolism and gettingleaner past 35, 40, 50, and even over 60 can be done. It justrequires a bit of strategy... and some terrific role models.

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