Melt belly fat by activating this gene

melt your fat with the rescue geneYou may have this gene. It may be turned “off” right now… in fact it probably is.

There’s a problem with that: This gene helps you melt off bodyfat. It would be pretty nice to turn that sucker on, right?

Here’s an article on…

1. What SIRT1 is;
2. How you can “turn it on”
3. How to keep it on

Turn On Your Fatburning Gene <--- What Is SIRT1? Simply put, SIRT1 is a “rescue gene”. This gene is activated during times of fasting to, for a very SHORT period of time, access more stored bodyfat.

That’s a good thing.

The problems are…

1. Fasting is not good for the metabolism if done for more than a day;

2. This trick doesn’t work well over the long-run.
SIRT1 is practically dormant in most people as we have a surplus of food. We consume, on average, about 30% more food than our bodies require every single day.

It’s no wonder this gene went to sleep…

… and it’s time you wake it up.

How To Turn On SIRT1

As mentioned above, fasting for a day will activate SIRT1 if practiced for a few weeks. So you eat one day, fast the next, and keep this up for 1-2 weeks.

But… let’s face it. Most of us do not like the idea of NOT eating for a full day.

So I have two alternatives that work just as well to activate SIRT1 and NOT shut down your metabolism over the long-haul (as weekly fasting like this can do.)

TIP 1: Do a fruit fast instead.

If you want to try a fruit fast every other day you can do so. This is much healthier and much easier on the body than an all-out fast.

However, for some people the sugar in fruit can trigger over-eating… and we don’t want that.

TIP 2: Stagger your calories

Jon Benson teaches you this trick here:
Turn On Your Fatburning Gene <--- But he takes it a step further: He lets you in on how you can stagger your "macronutrients" and your calories without having to think too much about it. He calls this his "Favorite Foods Plan" because it demands you consume high-calorie foods that you enjoy at specific times on specific days. The other days are low in calories, higher in lean protein, but still contain real food. Fasting is not necessary. The "starvation" switch that triggers SIRT1 has been shown to be triggered after only a day or two of low-calorie eating. You just can't do that very long without higher- calorie days... and THAT is the nifty trick you need to learn. Jon wrote the book on the subject... literally. : ) Turn On Your Fatburning Gene <--- the guide to fatloss How Do You Keep SIRT1 "On"? Simple: You stay on this cycle-your-calories dietplan... yep. That's necessary. This is for LIFETIME fatloss... not a crash dietplan... they never, EVER get you what you want. You want to be lean for life... no exceptions. So to do that you need all the genetic help you can get.... and SIRT1 is part of that plan. Turn it on today. Go here: Turn On Your Fatburning Gene <---

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    • Dana on September 9, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    I tried this and I am not sure if it works because of that gene but I do know I lost weight when I consistently altered my total eating calories each day, eating normal (not overeating) one day and lean the next day.

    Just to let you know.


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