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Exercise is a waste of time?

Exercise is a waste of time

Did you read the news? A few days ago CBS broke the story on a new and shocking journal article. Naturally they only told half the story. To save your life (literally) I’ll tell you the half they left off. First: I have some big news: Jon Benson’s book “7 Minute Body” (also called “7 …

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Chocolate lovers less likely to have a stroke

chocolate is good for your health

This article was written by Helena Zhu, Epoch Time Staff I want to share it with you since I really liked it. I guess I liked it because now I feel more justified when I chow down on my favorite chocolate … ——————– Now chocolate lovers have an extra excuse to enjoy their favorite treat. …

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How To Live 100 Years

healthy living

What we do today will affect our lives tomorrow. Let’s learn how we can live healthier and longer.

Eating Breakfast – Is it Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

eating breakfast

Eating breakfast enhances your chances of NOT overeating during the day and cuts down on your possibilty to develop diabetes.

The Five Dreaded Words: I’m not in the Mood – Libido Lifting Tips

Diet and Sex

Tell me if you can relate to the following experience: A long week of work has finally reached its end. Sure, the week was difficult, but the main reason for its lengthiness was due to anticipation — anticipation of what the weekend held in store. All weekends are great. But this weekend was billed to …

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