The Five Dreaded Words: I’m not in the Mood – Libido Lifting Tips

Diet and SexTell me if you can relate to the following experience:

A long week of work has finally reached its end. Sure, the week was difficult, but the main reason for its lengthiness was due to anticipation — anticipation of what the weekend held in store.

All weekends are great. But this weekend was billed to be WAY above average. Why? Because you were spending it with your significant other, away from it all, in one of the finest of hotels your city has to offer. And if a little bit of luck was on your side, it would turn out to be one of the more memorable “experiences” of a lifetime — ahem, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

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Turns out, things didn’t go as planned. The hotel was great, and the decor was to die for, but The Five Dreaded Words were spoken, the ones that always put the kibosh on a romantic night of lovemaking: “I’m not in the mood.”

Each one of us have either felt or heard these words spoken before, and whether you’re the giver or the receiver, it’s never pleasant. Sex is a HUGE part of a relationship, and when opportunities for lovemaking go by the wayside, it frequently diminishes forthcoming opportunities — whether it’s due to fear of the same thing happening again, or the lowering of expectations.

The key, of course, is to have that “motivation” within you at all times so those Five Dreaded Words are never spoken. Here’s a small helping of ways in which to keep your libido lifted so you can avoid the 5DW:


Skeptics argue that keeping one’s libido lifted through diet is a self-fulfilling prophecy; in other words, if you think almonds or chocolate will lift your libido, odds are good they will.

But scientific evidence — not psychosomatic hogwash — suggests that certain foods do, indeed, lift one’s libido. For example, a study from Southwestern University found that coffee beans lift the libido of females. For men, the love-lifting libation is tea, specifically Damiana tea. Alternative health expert Dr. Sarah Brewer says the ingredient responsible for increasing male libido in this tea is called gonzalitosin. This ingredient sends a tingling sensation to the penis.

As a man, all I can say is, “Say no more!”


Supplementing with vitamins and minerals are, hopefully, a normal part of your daily regimen, but specific supplements provide a great boost to your sex drive. Take St. John’s Wort as an example.

St. John’s Wort has a multitude of benefits — from improving one’s mood to improving one’s mind — and those benefits can be found in the bedroom. Because of its mood-improving properties, studies have shown that 60 percent of people formerly uninterested in sex regained their interest after taking St. John’s Wort.

Care for two more? Try ginseng and gingko biloba on for size (and no, I don’t mean that kind of size). Ginseng is one of the earliest herbs to be widely marketed in the United States, and it’s taken by millions of people regularly for the natural boost of energy it provides. So for people whose energy levels leave them pooped time comes for whoopee, ginseng is just the thing.

As for gingko biloba, this oddly-named herb stimulates blood flow throughout the body and brain (which explains why it’s taken by those who have a hard time remembering things). As blood flow improves its flow throughout the body, it serves as the perfect elixir for those who have a hard time getting a, shall we say, “hard on.”

Research published in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy found that men who took gingko biloba regularly were able to maintain erections after six months (granted, gingko biloba is not an overnight healer, but the improvement took place, and it took place without the negative side effects that always accompany male impotency drugs).

A low libido may feel like something that’s out of your hands; something that will come back on its own in its own due course. That may be the case, but more often than not, it can be through our every-day actions and lifestyle.

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    5 Workout tips for those who hate exercising

    If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t consider exercising your favorite pastime. The older I get the less I feel like hopping in the car to rush to a gym. In fact, I always manage to find a very legitimate reason why I shouldn’t go…. However, exercising is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and without it you definitely will not be able to lose weight. There are certain workout tips, however, for getting back to love (well maybe like) exercising, even if you are truly not up to it right now.

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    3)      Another great tip to star exercising is to find a training partner. When you work out together, you can help one another stay motivated and share workout tips. With a partner, you can have fun trying things like tennis, cross country skiing or more daring exercise such as rollerblading.  Going for coffee after a fun workout makes exercise more palatable and even something to look forward to but …no cookies with the coffee.

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    5)      Lastly, try taking some classes. Most gyms offer a variety of classes most of them free with membership. Exercise classes are a great way to meet new people, learn new exercises, stay motivated, and above all, have fun. There are some great dance type exercise classes where you don’t even notice that you are working out you are having so much fun. One of these dance classes I tried lately is called Zumba.

    Staying motivated if you hate exercising can be hard, well, I would say right down impossible.  Find and use the best workout tips and set realistic goals. Don’t quit even if you fall off the proverbial wagon. You need to exercise as well as eat a healthy diet if you really want to lose weight and want to stay healthy. Make exercise fun and it won’t seem like such a chore.

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    How to choose the best gym center for you

    If you want to lose weight, you need choose a diet plan and a fitness routineto make sure that 7 Minute Workout that will get you Resultsyou’re burning fat and building muscle. You need to take action and have a plan. I am going to touch on the fact that choosing the best gym center for you, meaning one that is convenient to go to and you feel at ease when you are there, will improve your chances of overall success. Gyms come in all shapes and sizes, and there are probably a number of gyms in your area. Joining a gym can be expensive, so it is important that you careful consider all of the gyms near to your home in order to pick the very best one possible to meet you weight loss and exercise needs on a daily basis.

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    A very important thing you should consider when you are looking at gyms is the trainers. If you’ll be taking a class or working with a personal trainer, you’ll want to be sure that you’re working with someone who is experienced and will teach you the best habits possible. Unfortunately, there are no set qualifications for trainers, so you should check out gyms that do require training programs of their trainers, also it never hurts to ask for references.  The best gym center for you is the one that you feel comfortable with, is affordable to you and has qualified, motivating and friendly staff.
    You should also look at the equipment available for your use and the hours the gym is open. A gym that only has limited number of commonly used equipment such treadmill may not be the best choice, since you may find yourself standing in line for equipment during peak hours. You may also find that your exercise routine is disrupted if the gym is open only short hours or has limited schedule during the weekends. It is very important to find a place that will allow you to have a great workout at a time of day that is convenient for you.

    Cleanliness should also be of concern. The best gym center will provide a tour of their facilities at the very least, or a free trial to check out the gym’s space on your own. If a gym is dirty you could be susceptible to illnesses as they spread among members at the gym. It is a known fact that high traffic places like gyms are hotbeds for transmitting bacteria and viruses is no proper hygiene is present. The facility should have a cleaning crew to make sure that the locker rooms are clean, as well as provide antibacterial products to wipe down the machines after workouts.

    Organization is important too—you don’t want to be tripping over weights that are lying  on the floor or feel cramped in a sweating high-volume area.
    There should be enough space in between the gym equipment and a well organized area for the weights. The best gym center will encourage behavior among its members, where it would be common practice to sanitize the equipment after each use and place all equipment used back to its proper place.

    Lastly, you should check out prices. The price should be competitive and most of all affordable to you.  Most gym memberships are by a set term such as a year at least or two, three years,etc. Signing up for let’s say 3 year term is not necessarily a bad thing since you usually get a better rate and not only that but it generally makes you more committed since now you have a serious investment. Of course you do what works for you. You may end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your gym membership, so it is important to find the best gym center for you the one that best suits your needs. Look at the ones closest to your home, but also consider those a bit farther away if they seem to fit your needs better overall.

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    Eat Healthy – How to Start

    If you currently do not eat healthy, it can be difficult to start a healthy diet plan. However, healthy eating is important for maintaining bodily function and living a disease-free life. If you struggle with healthy eating,than you know that breaking unhealthy habits can be the most difficult part of the process.
    However, if you truly want to live the best lifestyle possible and enjoy a quality life now and later on, it is important to make the necessary changes and follow tips in order to start eating a more healthy diet.

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    A good first step to start to eat healthy is to rid you home of all junk food. Just simply throw them out if already opened or give them away if still packaged. Don’t wait until they are all gone that is just a flimsy excuse not to start moving forward on the healthy path and you know it. Keep junk foods and beverages out of your house all the time so you will not be tempted to snack during the day on the wrong foods. If you’re worried about getting hungry, keep healthy snacks like fresh cut up veggies, yogurt, fresh fruit, whole-wheat crackers and nuts on hand. If you find that you just cannot bear to toss out the sweets, try keeping something tiny on hand, like chocolate chips. Eating a few of these won’t ruin your diet but also will give you that little sugary fix you crave.

    Another great step to eat healthy when you are first start is to take a few moments to learn about what foods are the healthiest for you and how they work in the body. Most people understand that fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products are good for you, but few people understand why. The key is learning about nutrients, what they actually are and the basics on how they work, what role they have in your body. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to get a degree in nutrition so don’t get discouraged. Also make sure you learn from reputable a source. When you understand how specific nutrients work in the body, you will be more likely to make healthy choices for your body. Knowledge really is power!

    When you are preparing for your new diet to eat healthy, you should also take into consideration your schedule for meals. If you often eat in a hurry at odd times of day, you probably are not eating the best foods possible. Plan ahead! As the saying goes: if you fail to plan you plan to fail…Instead of grabbing a fast food lunch on the go (no matter how healthy you think it is), take a bagged lunch to work, complete with some fresh vegetables and/or fruits. Plan ahead for healthy meals and cooking ahead of time as much of the meal as possible. The worst is when you get home from work and you have to start cooking from scratch. You are definitely more inclined to call for take-out or start eating anything in sight while cooking since you are too hungry to wait for dinner to be done.

    The most important step you could take in order to begin to eat healthy is your FIRST step. Start with baby steps but start. Even if you only replace one soda a day with a glass of water, you will really improve your calorie intake. If you eat fast food every day for lunch, try replacing it to every other day. When you start by taking small steps, it does not seem like you are cutting out all of the foods you love and you can take your time to learn about healthy foods which you will like and even come to love equally as well.

    The Soup Lover

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