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Belly dance workout – fun way to trim belly

Belly dancing workout. Have some fun while you trim your belly. Easy to follow steps. Who said loosing weight should be a drag..

Belly fat weight loss

belly fat weight loss

Belly fat is the most stubborn, exercise and diet resistant area of your body. It is wishful thinking believing you can lose weight on demand only in certain areas of our body. You cannot control where the weight loss occurs. Belly fat weight loss is not easy and sometimes it feels as if it’s right …

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Get rid of belly fat?

get rid of belly fat

Why do we struggle with trimming down our jelly bellies after we pass age 40? Find some answers here.

Great Way to Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss Success

Millions of people are trying to lose weight without much success all the time. There are many reasons for this failure, although most would rather give up than fix their mistakes. Weight loss is very difficult! Let’s face it, we have to get out of our comfort zone, our cozy little routine and make some …

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