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How to Develop a Home Fitness Workout

How to Develop a Home Fitness Workout Program   People nowadays hardly find time to visit a gym for remaining healthy and fit. This lack of time perhaps is the cause of their worries regarding their health and fitness. However, the good news for them is that they can plan and follow an effective workout …

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Fitness has Multiple Benefits for Cancer Patients

Fitness has Multiple Benefits for Cancer Patients Many cancer patients, like those with mesothelioma cancer, have difficulty with sleep, energy levels, and their moods during treatment. They often look for ways to manage these conditions on their own since the last thing they want is more medicine on top of whatever they already may be …

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The Importance Of Warming Up Before Exercising

Warming up is always a necessary step before going into a full course work-out.This is both, advocated by most of the professional trainers and followed by millions of people, who indulge in workouts around the globe. However, not many people (outside of professionals) know the exact importance of warming up before an exercise.Whether your warm …

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How to get less body fat over 35?

trim belly over 40?

This article was written by Jon Benson, a fitness and nutrition expert. —————————————————————— 3 Keys To Less Bodyfat Over Age 35 – Is Father Time Really A Factor? As you start your personal fatloss journey you may find thisarticle very helpful. It deals with a very important factor in fatloss: Age. Here’s the challenge: The …

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Exercise is a waste of time?

Exercise is a waste of time

Did you read the news? A few days ago CBS broke the story on a new and shocking journal article. Naturally they only told half the story. To save your life (literally) I’ll tell you the half they left off. First: I have some big news: Jon Benson’s book “7 Minute Body” (also called “7 …

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