CRT 2000 test

Up until a week ago I didn’t know what is the CRT 2000 test.

Now I am a huge fan!

My girlfriend called me up about 10 days ago that she needs somebody to babysit her little 8 month old while she will have a special test done some sort of body scan. CRT 2000 thermographic test

She was scared, she was suspecting possible breast cancer and her local (very small town in the middle of nowhere in rural BC) was not taking her seriously. What are friends for, I said no problem.

My friend has been to this special clinic in Saskatoon before and totally trusts the doctor and the process they use to diagnose so I thought I should take advantage and have this private medical scan done too. After you reach a certain age most of us would like to know what is starting to break down so we can start taking preventative actions.

I didn’t know what to expect but it was a lot easier than I thought. The technician took my body temperature in about 100 different places then cooled the room down and took my body temperatures from the same spots again. This temperature was instantly recorded in a computerized system that sent all the data into at data centre somewhere in Vancouver from what I understood and analyzed it and compared it with data already in the system and sent back the results to the health centre I was at.

The best part was when I sat down with the doctor (Doctor Brian) and he started explaining my results in detail. I was never informed of my results in such detail explaining why and how and connecting the dots.

This made me realize that our traditional doctors, or at least most of them run short on educating their patients and because of that they miss motivating us to get healthier and how to do it.

Anyway, if you want to know the details of what a CRT 2000 thermographic test is check out the link.

I would recommend it to anybody as a great functional non-intrusive overall test. If you care considering a private MRI or CT Scan do this test first.

Did you hear of this test before. Leave a comment.







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